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Deployments and Releases

KubeFox Deployments

A KubeFox deployment results in the following:

  1. The components unique to the new version of an App are built and deployed discretely, and the Pods to support them are spooled up. Think of this as a diff between the collection of components associated with version A of a App and those associated with version B of that App. Any updated component or new component in version B will be deployed when version B of the App is deployed.

    See Deployment Distillation for a deeper discussion of the component distillation facilities of KubeFox

  2. The new version of the App (version B) is available via explicit calls, for instance, explicit URLs. Default public traffic continues to be routed to the currently released version of the App (version A).

KubeFox Releases

A KubeFox release results in the following:

  1. Default traffic is routed to the newly released System (version B).

With KubeFox, you are always releasing a version of a System, even if a single component changed. KubeFox shapes traffic delivery to each component of the system dynamically (see Dynamic Routing and Guaranteed Delivery). Because release is such a lightweight operation, it is almost instantaneous. And it yields a great deal of power and flexibility when dealing with new versions of Systems.

These are just some scenarios:

  • Instead of spooling up a new cluster with dedicated nodes to enable a new customer to validate enhancements to their applications in UAT, you create a subdomain for them and route traffic from them to the new version of their System. Meanwhile, your sales team is using the same system for demos.
  • You want to canary a new release intelligently – by directing traffic of an early adopter to a new version of the software. You have telemetry specific to that version (an innate capability of KubeFox) and can compare and contrast its behavior to that of the currently released version, running side-by-side in the same cluster.
  • You have concerns with a new release of your applications, and require the ability to rollback extremely quickly should anything go awry.

KubeFox makes all of this possible.