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KubeFox Federated Telemetry

When we first conceived of KubeFox, we thought of the things that should be present in the framework as first class citizens, as opposed to tack on afterthoughts. Telemetry falls into category. Wouldn’t it be nice to have context-sensitive logs, metrics, traces and auditing data? Without going through the travails of configuring them?

With KubeFox, these capabilities are intrinsic to the platform.

You can visualize the behavior of the entire System (all applications composing the Retail System) as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1 - Span-based telemetry for the entire System

You can visualize behavior by Application (Figure 2) - for instance for the Fulfillment app:

Figure 2 - Span-based telemetry for the Fulfillment App

And you can visualize behavior by individual Component (Figure 3):

Figure 3 - Span-based telemetry for the Web UI component of the Web UI App